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"Making you wet and making you laugh are my two favorite things"

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Hours before the curfew, and pigs are already firing on the crowd. It’s gonna be a long night y’all #disgusting #stawoke  

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"Es mejor mantener algunas cosas en secreto."

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Tired of your Werewolves not being in cans? Well we have a solution! Announcing the “Werewolf in a Can”!

Now available in our Etsy Shop.

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Butterball is our new Albino Burmese Python. Other than some very old, very large scars on his tail he’s healthy and happy.

Man I would love to do what you guys do some day.  Glad this guy is healthy!

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SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA. One last tour, sf. February 14, 2013 ❤❤
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